Southeast Palm & Foliage is a Business to Business  supplier of palms for Palm Sunday, Pure Leaf Palm and Ash for Ash Wednesday . Churches wishing to purchase our offerings may contact us for a distributor.                                                                                          

In 1965, I was 9 years old. A man in the area would pay for the "Bud" from the Palm growing on my families property, so some of us went out and harvested....Many of those same palm trees are still  harvested using long poles. Many more have grown to a suitable size from seedlings.

A few years ago, SOUTHEAST PALM and FOLIAGE came into being, and with it, more than 40 years of experience. We know Palm, how to handle and grade so that only the very best will be seen and used in the Church. 



This ad was in a publication in 1961. How things have changed!  

Below are images of just a few of the hard workers responsible for the palms we supply. Click on an image to enlarge.



























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